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The Perfect Moment (Case of 24 Books)

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The e-book sensation downloaded by over 30,000 is finally back – in hard-copy form!



Desk of RDS

This book, The Perfect Moment, is really about a “perfect moment”.

Over eight years ago, Andy Andrews called me and told me of an experience he just had with his oldest son. I got chills while he told me. I asked him if he would put it in writing.

This book is the story of that experience.

I did not believe it was long enough to be a book. Therefore, years later we simply made an e-book out of it. This was released a couple of years ago on Andy’s website. You could get the book free by simply giving us your email. Over 21,000 people downloaded the book.

Early in 2013 Mac Anderson, the publisher, came to me and asked if I would take it down so he could publish it. And thus, the new book was born.

Even through the process of creating the e-book and then this book – all the editing, the graphics, the cover, the curriculum/workbook – my eyes would water every single time I would read it. I would usually have to stop and go dry my eyes before I could finish reading. I’ve read this over 100 times…and it’s happened to me every single time.

You will not forget this story. It will be burned into your emotions. You’ll begin to slowly live your life differently. Magic moments will become clearer and more frequent.

You will want to share this book with everyone you know. The happy people and the not so happy people. You will want to share this with your grandparents, older people, and all the youth you know.

It is a fun book to read.

It is a beautiful book to look at.

It is for all ages at any time of their life.

It is for you.

Robert D. Smith    

Artist Management / Author 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

[email protected] 




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