Misdirected Passion? Are You Sure?

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This week, Andy answers a question from someone who has suffered from low self-esteem for much of his life.  Our caller says that he hasn’t felt truly loved or cared for in a long time and it’s difficult to accept compliments—even from his wife and parents. He’s wondering if Andy has any advice for conquering this feeling of worthlessness. 

Andy also answers a question from a mother who is worried about her 24 year old daughter’s interest in the entertainment industry. She is worried that her daughter’s not motivated to aim higher in life and spends too much time focusing on YouTube and CosPlay.

Tune in to hear Andy explain why today’s generation of young adults have certain vocational advantages that previously haven’t existed…and why older generations are often blind to those advantages. 

Next week’s podcast will be arriving early! In celebration of Christmas, we’re sending out next week’s episode on Sunday. That way you’ll have plenty of time to listen to our Christmas episode before the big day!

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