Podcast Episode 83: Andy’s Proudest Accomplishment

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by Andy Traub.

On this week’s episode, Andy discusses why he feels that he has finally “arrived” in the field of professional coaching.


Andy is now the official Mental Coach of…the Orange Beach Sharks.

  • This is his son’s 13-14-year-old baseball team.
  • He talks to the team before every practice and game.


At the beginning of the season, he talked about umpires with the team.

  • The first thing they needed to know about umpires is that they’re kind of like TSA at the airport. You will not win an argument with them.
  • You can, however, tick them off.
  • Umpires are like brothers. If you tick them off, they won’t give you the benefit of the doubt on close calls.


Here’s the plan he gave the team:

  • Other teams are going to go out on the field and say nothing to the umpires, unless they decide to complain.
  • Andy told them to never, ever argue a call or roll their eyes.
  • He told the team to talk to the umpires. Say hi and ask them how they’re doing. Ask them where they’re from.


This lesson with the team is a lesson that applies to life as well.

  • If you treat people with kindness, things will generally work out better for you.
  • You never know who knows the people who may in the position to give you a job or an opportunity one day.


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