Podcast Episode 305: The Story Behind The Traveler’s Gift: Part 1

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy


In this episode, we discuss the story of The Traveler’s Gift.


The Traveler’s Gift wasn’t successful right away.

  • Fifty-one publishers rejected it over three and a half years.
  • When the book was finally published, it didn’t sell through its initial 10,000 copies.
  • At one point, Andy lost an entire chapter and had to rewrite it from scratch.


It took Andy about a year to write the book.

  • Andy knew the ending and main points before he started.
  • Andy asked his friends which historical figures to include.
  • He wanted to write something to leave behind for his kids if he died before they had a chance to know him.


Kenny Rogers was critical.

  • Kenny encouraged Andy to use the 7 Decisions in his show.
  • This helped Andy realize that he could talk about serious topics.


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