Podcast Episode 283: How to Influence Others to Act on Your Suggestions

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy


In this episode, we answer a listener’s question on getting students to believe they’re learning helpful information.


People can only accomplish what they believe they can accomplish.

  • I call this “belief imposition.”
  • What you believe controls how you behave—whether it’s true or not.


If you want someone to change what they believe, you need to know how change works.

  • As harsh as it sounds, people don’t implement your suggestions because they don’t believe you.
  • Two elements are required for true change: 1. What’s in it for them, and 2. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Your presentation of these elements is key.


Tune in to hear about a conversation Andy had at dinner with some military officials.


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