Podcast Episode 272: How to Properly Prepare Your Girls for the Dating World

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy


In this episode, we discuss a listener’s question on preparing girls to deal with boys who don’t treat them well.


Prepare girls to be self-reliant.

  • There’s a lot to be said for the teenager who doesn’t always have to be with a pack of kids.


They should compare other boys to their father and how he treats their mother.

  • This should be the minimum standard.
  • Girls need to get good at politely turning down boys who don’t meet these standards.


The perfect person is worth the wait.

  • Don’t bow to the pressure society has that girls should be dating every weekend—or even at all.
  • The quality of your children’s lives as adults will have a lot more to do with the time they spent with you than time spent dating.


Tune in to hear about someone Andy knows who’s raising incredible daughters.


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  • DeAnna Bennett

    Andy, I am glad this mom (& dad) asked this question and always your answer is genuine, real, and true. Often parents allow the culture to influence their child in the “dating” game – taking a back seat to their expectations of a Godly boy for their daughter. Sadly, even in 3rd & 4th grade girls “date” boys, boys “date” girls. The word is thrown around loosely with no real knowledge of what “dating” means, what “love” means, even the classification of a “boyfriend” is lightly thrown around in conversation. It may be cute when boy & girl are 2 and 3 playing at a playing ground, but not so when they reach puberty. Parents need to return to the “playground” and walk with their daughter as she experiences “feelings” – hormones.
    I facilitate a ministry for parents and the daughter(s) in the tweens and teens years. In one session, parents are encouraged, as husband and wife, to be the role model to their daughter. By living out real love and respect in the home. The dad demonstrates, daily, to his daughter how a husband should treat his wife, and the same for the mom who “models” how a wife treats a husband. Throughout the program girls are taught how to choose Godly friends as well as what a Godly boy looks like. Discussions that parents and their child can have together to guide her in her relationships.
    Parents can be the best role model for their daughter & son. It takes time to parent. The reward is great when you see you are raising a daughter who is self-reliant, a daughter who is cultivating a firm foundation of Whose she is and how valuable she is so that when life presents choices (friends, boys, clothing attire, etc) she makes a wise decision, as she is the Daughter of a King. (And the same goes for parents of a boy and of the boy.)
    Thank you for raising Godly boys. The new book is ordered and I can’t wait for it to reach my doorstep. Sincerely, DeAnna

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