Podcast Episode 270: How to Deal with Easily Offended People

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy


In this episode, we discuss a listener’s follow-up question to last week’s episode about being offended.


Make sure no one in your family is easily offended.

  • If you want to raise kids who become great adults, teach them not to take offense.
  • You can never have the best for your family without knowing the truth.


Easily offended people are often unwilling to have conversations about it or look at any other side.

  • The truth is only one thing.
  • Something can be true, but not the truth.
  • The quality of your questions always determines the quality of your answers.


Tell them you’re sorry they feel that way.

  • Let them know you are sorry they feel offended, but don’t apologize for telling the truth.


Tune in to hear about the conversation Andy had with someone who was offended that he hunts deer. 


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