Podcast Episode 267: How to Figure out if You Should Persist or if God Is Just Closing a Door

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

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On this week’s episode, we discuss a listener’s question on discerning when to persist and when God is closing a door.


Persisting without exception means when there isn’t a way, you find a way.

  • The Traveler’s Gift was turned down 51 times before it was finally published.
  • Sometimes all you need is an idea, but you can’t get one if you quit.
  • The quality of your questions determines the quality of your answers.
  • Most people default to 3 main excuses when they hit a wall: money, time, and leadership.


God gave you your talents for a reason.

  • When God gives you a vision of how your family is supposed to live, how much money you’re supposed to make, and how much influence you’re supposed to have, He doesn’t change his mind.
  • God doesn’t teach you to swim just to watch you drown.


Tune in this week to hear the crazy story of how The Traveler’s Gift finally got published.


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  • Rob

    Persisting without exception; #7 will not fail me.

  • Rob

    There is ALWAYS a way to do something. We simply have not found a way to succeed YET.

  • Marcos R Espinosa

    Great podcast. Love the idea ‘God is not going to teach you to swim to watch you drawn.’

  • Sherry

    Amazing information Andy! I will share it with my team!

  • Mildred Montero

    thanks for sharing your story.. just today I was feeling exactly like I’ve hit a brick wall and I asked myself the same questions? I WONDERED IF I should continue to persist or is God closing a door? I think this is just what I needed to hear.. I will share this with my family.. thank you so much for opening the door to some new ideas!

  • Stephen Denny

    Att: Andy
    Highly Important & Urgent
    I highly recommend that you read this concerning your
    Endorsement of Sarah Young’s book Jesus Calling and consider a retraction of your endorsement
    This would be sound biblical advise
    His servant

  • Stephen Denny

    Dear Andy

    After reading the attached
    Please consider a retraction of your endorsement of
    Sarah Young’s book Jesus Calling !
    It would be the sound researched biblical
    Christ like thing to do



  • Jeff

    Good content. The old song say know when to hold em and know when to fold em. I make every effort to persist but another of your 7 traits says to seek wisdom and the Bible tells us to calculate the cost before you start. All wise advice. I don’t believe in gut reactions, I believe in preparation, study, and prayer. All that put together helps us make the right decisions. Thanks for the podcast.

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