Podcast Episode 264: Why U.S. History Could be the Next Subject to Go in Our Schools

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy


In this episode, we discuss the reason Andy wrote an article regarding the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.


We study history to learn from our mistakes.

  • It’s vital to see, as a country, what we did right so we can keep doing it—and what we did wrong so we can avoid it.
  • It’s important to teach U.S. History to avoid an undercurrent of misinformation going throughout the country.
  • Imagine the paths people would go down if they were learning from a lie, rather than learning from the truth.


Most of our high schools have coaches teaching U.S. History.

  • Many students across America are taught by someone without a degree or certification to teach U.S. History.
  • A lot of high schools task the coach with teaching history.
  • American History may be the next subject to go in our schools.


 Tune in to hear more about Andy’s intriguing article on Pearl Harbor.


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