Podcast Episode 237: You CAN Command an Audience!

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

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On this week’s episode, I’m addressing a listener question on how you can become impervious to insult and keep the attention of your audience.


I realized by watching other comedians that some would have more problems with hecklers than others.

  • Generally, hecklers keyed in on the performers who had a more arrogant attitude or a pushy demeanor. I’m not saying they were that way, but that was the perception of the audience.
  • They were also more likely to put out a vibe where people wanted to challenge them.
  • I decided that I wanted to be friends with the audience.


There are things in your profession that you will always have to deal with.

  • The same rules of comedy apply to great teaching, for instance.
  • Keep a list of things that could occur during your presentation and decide in advance what you’d say if they happened.
  • Take a good, close look at how you present. What do you do physically?
  • Moving unexpectedly to a different area of the room will grab listeners’ attention.


Tune in to hear Andy’s secret for handling a situation where someone is nodding off or focusing on something else, and find out how he gets their attention and keeps them from being a distraction.


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