Podcast Episode 233: How to Be the First One Promoted and the Last One Laid Off

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

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On this week’s episode, I’m discussing why everyone should think of themselves as an entrepreneur.


We tend to live our lives and make our decisions on the surface, where we can see what everybody is doing.

  • Knowing “why” will get you to what I call “the bottom of the pool.”
  • People only ask why when things go wrong. Nobody ever asks why when something is working.
  • You can live your life as it is, accepting the slop on your plate, or you can eat that slop on your plate thinking in couple weeks you’ll be eating chicken, a month from now eating steak, and a year from now nothing but lobster.


People who are entrepreneurs seem to have more hope for a life they can control.

  • They are creating a situation and value.
  • They have a longer lasting, more controllable level of hope than people who think of themselves as, “I have a job.”
  • I don’t believe we’ve been created with some of us having the lucky lottery ticket in life that gives us a better imagination or allows us to be able to get up earlier.
  • People can do what they want. They may refuse to believe that, but again, they’re choosing how they think.
  • If you can think of yourself as an entrepreneur, it allows for greater hope and a better awareness of the control you already have.


Tune in to hear how to think of yourself as an entrepreneur and add so much value to a company that you’ll be indispensable—indeed the first to get a promotion and the last to be laid off!


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