Podcast Episode 205: Will Your Kids Remember the Important Things About You When You’re Gone?

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On this week’s episode, I answer a listener question about the “treasure chest” that Polly and I have for our boys.


The boys know that we have treasure chests for them, and its something we will probably give them when they are around 21.

  • The treasure chest has things that they will need to know or want to have.
  • They don’t get to go in these chests, but I’ll occasionally show them something that’s going inside, or tease that something has been added.


When you have some kind of awesome family moment, take something from that place and write a note explaining what it is. Wrap it up and put it in a box.

  • When you’re gone, instead of having a vague memory of that day, your kids will having something tangible—a treasure.
  • There are very few things that I have of my parents, who passed within months of each other when I was young.
  • I can picture my dad’s handwriting, but I don’t have any of it.
  • It will be very important and comforting for the boys to know how much we loved them; the “treasures” make it obvious that we thought about them all the time.


Tune in to hear about some of the books, recordings, and other items we have already addedbut dont tell Austin or Adam!


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