Podcast Episode 189: The Massive Upside to Determining Destination First, Methods Second

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

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On this week’s episode, I answer a listener question on how to guide your thinking when beginning with the very best end result in mind.


I really believe that the best is an ever-expanding target.

  • As your understanding of what is possible expands, your determination of what the best is will also expand.
  • When people talk about best practices and industry standards, they’re talking about the way everybody has thought and operated for years.
  • Don’t let your methods determine your Determine the destination first and then design the methods that will get you there.


The destination you determine should be the very best you can possibly imagine.

  • If you imagine something that someone has done before, you’re shooting too low and need to go back to the drawing board.
  • I’m trying to lay out a thought process with a goal so ambitious that I will be forced to come up with methods that will approach it.
  • A shift in thinking creates a shift in choices and actions—and eventually results.
  • If you want massive results with your family, finances or business, every single thing starts with your thinking.


Tune in to the full episode to hear what Andy considers his own “best” to be, and what promotional tactic he considers more valuable than advertising.


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