Podcast Episode 144: What Should You Make Your Kids Work For, and What Should You Just Give Them?

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

On this week’s episode, I discuss a popular listener question: “What should you provide for your kids, and what should they have to work for?”

Some parents have a cut and dry answer for that, but I don’t.

  • My answer changes depending on what’s going on.
  • It’s according to how they are behaving.
  • If I sense a spirit of gratefulness, then there are more things that I will handle for them. A lot of the time it’s not even things they are aware of.
  • The one thing that can truly stop it in a heartbeat is if I sense a spirit of expectation or a lack of gratefulness. Then it’s a totally different ballgame.

There was a time last week that I needed to drive Austin around to several locations for the business he has started. 

  • Something distracting was happening when we got home, and a few minutes later I was aware that Austin had not thanked me for doing that for him.
  • I used this situation to explain to him that as he grew older, life would become more chaotic and there will be more occasions to forget how to act.
  • People want to be around grateful people, and it’s a desirable quality in an employee or boss.

I recently saw a kid who got a brand new BMW on his 16th birthday.

  • At some point that car is going to wear out. And if the parents aren’t going to buy him another car when he’s older, then that may be the nicest car he ever has.
  • I see young adults all the time who are disappointed with their life, because the best car they ever drove, place they lived, or most fun they had was when they were a kid.
  • As they become more disappointed, it affects how they act. And then their performance level is affected at work. Over time, they become more and more likely never to have that BMW again.

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  • Aimée

    Andy, sir. Can I again, just say a great, big, fuzzywarmhappyfeelings, deeply grateful “thank you” to you, for everything you do?

    So, this comment is not directly related to the podcast… Listening to yet another “In the Loop” podcast, and AGAIN gaining so much from such a short period of time… I just have to share a little piece of the gratitude in my heart for you sharing your life with all of us.

    When you joke about “when God handed out the gifts, He didn’t give me any of the cool ones, like… the ability to jump high, or run fast, or sing great”… I chuckle with you, but then am simply overwhelmed by the sense that God gave you probably THE coolest gift I, personally have seen in someome in my lifetime.

    You, Noticer, are a great gift to all mankind, both now, and for future generations… and that is because you are so endlessly, passionately, with great humility, and with great confidence, USING that precious gift you’ve been given, to make such a difference in others.

    You inspire me. You encourage me. Your talk on parenting makes this Mama’s sometimes-overwhelmed (by the task of raising our kids to become incredible adults) heart feel again calmed, directed, and joyful for the task God has given me.

    God is using you, Andy. In mighty, innumerable, awe-inspiring ways, and I am grateful.

    Thank you. Be blessed.
    (SO thrilled to see you this weekend in Dallas Cowboys Stadium for Success School!)

  • h lynn keith

    Outstanding! Thank you for the reminder to show gratitude.

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