Podcast Episode 140: How to Be Content and Ambitious at the Same Time

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy


On this week’s episode, I address the question of how to balance contentment and the things you want in life.

There are several things I want to do and want to have.

Before anything “goes up on our refrigerator,” so to speak, I see if it fits my criteria…

  • Does this line up with my mission in life?
  • Would it make my mission more vibrant and successful?
  • Can this thing be a tool to help people?

We are very joyful whether we get to do something or not. There is an understanding that we don’t need certain things to feel fulfilled.

I am very aware of blessings beyond need.

  • We have a house, but I have proven in my life that I only need a pier to sleep under.
  • We have blessings beyond what we need cultivate a grateful spirit.
  • Gratefulness will make you into a content person.
  • In my quiet time, I will examine the things beyond what I need and determine if I should pursue them.

Gratefulness is right in the middle of this question. You’ve got to have a grateful spirit and understand that if your needs are met, everything else is gravy.

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