Podcast Episode 140: How to Be Content and Ambitious at the Same Time

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy


On this week’s episode, I address the question of how to balance contentment and the things you want in life.

There are several things I want to do and want to have.

Before anything “goes up on our refrigerator,” so to speak, I see if it fits my criteria…

  • Does this line up with my mission in life?
  • Would it make my mission more vibrant and successful?
  • Can this thing be a tool to help people?

We are very joyful whether we get to do something or not. There is an understanding that we don’t need certain things to feel fulfilled.

I am very aware of blessings beyond need.

  • We have a house, but I have proven in my life that I only need a pier to sleep under.
  • We have blessings beyond what we need cultivate a grateful spirit.
  • Gratefulness will make you into a content person.
  • In my quiet time, I will examine the things beyond what I need and determine if I should pursue them.

Gratefulness is right in the middle of this question. You’ve got to have a grateful spirit and understand that if your needs are met, everything else is gravy.

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  • Thanks for such a down to earth discussion on this podcast. Was blessed about the vision to build some houses on land for folks to come and get away….I share that sentiment and in my ideal world, would opt for something similar. Love the content…thanks for making a difference!

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