Podcast Episode 137: A Brief History of My Father

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy


On this week’s episode, I’m sharing a story I wrote about my dad.


It’s not really a short story since all of it is true.

  • It has been pieced together from things I remember, and stories I have heard from others who knew him.
  • I wanted my boys to have a description of their grandfather in the event that I am not able to give the oral history.


My father had a different method of parenting.

  • He was kind of nut. Not a professional nut like I am, but still a nut.
  • This story takes you through some of the memories that I love, and the funny things that he would say as our church pastor.


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  • Although I never had the privilege to meet Bro. Andrews, listening to just this single story about him, caused me to stop and say a prayer of gratitude for him. The life he lived is obviously one that overflowed with service and love. No wonder his legacy continues to encourage others to do the same. Thank you Andy.

  • Morris Driggers

    Though I was just a child at the time, I knew Larry Andrews. My parents’ appreciation for his (and others’) pastoral leadership through music ministry played an important role in my career path. He was truly one of the best. Because of the changes in detail (names, places, etc.) that Andy chose to make, I read this more as a short-story than as a true biographical sketch. Though it may be closer to fiction than biography, the character portrayal rings true to the man that I remember. Nor can ever I listen to Andy without recalling the distinct timbre of Larry Andrews’ voice (audible and literary) … a fitting tribute to the man. Thanks be to God.

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