Podcast Episode 134: How to be Intentionally Grateful

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy


On this week’s episode, I answer a listener question on which three words I would use to describe myself.


One of them would definitely be searching.

  • In the second decision –“I will seek wisdom”– I thought for a number of years that the most important word was wisdom.
  • The most important word is seek.
  • I’ve become so much more aware of searching because I’ve finally figured out that there is a lot more to the things that I thought I knew.
  • Even if you are an expert in a field, there are always more answers to search out.


The second word is intentional.

  • I don’t live my life according to intention.
  • Intention has no power.
  • To be intentional about what you do means you are heading in a specific direction for a specific reason.


When you are intentional about where you are going to go, then you are able to determine very quickly if what you are doing is moving you closer or further from the result you want.


The third word is really the first one I thought of, and that is grateful.

  • Gratefulness is perspective.
  • I’ve never found anyone who has presented a situation where I couldn’t point out something to be grateful for.


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