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Mastering the
Seven Decisions
that Determine Personal Success

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Mastering the Seven Decisions


I am very excited to share my latest book with you, Mastering the Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success.

Mastering the Seven Decisions

For a long (long) time, I resisted the idea of doing any project at all that felt as though I were trading upon the success and message of The Traveler's Gift . . . I don't believe that EVERY book demands a follow up, therefore I shoved aside any opportunities to discover "seven NEW decisions" or a "secret" left out of the first book. It all felt too pushy and disingenuous. And after a few years, the "marketing" types left me alone.

Then, it happened. Eight years after I had actually written The Traveler's Gift, I realized that my understanding of The Seven Decisions regarding significant areas of application had increased exponentially. In fact, most of the material I was teaching in my Seven Decisions Seminar contained principles and applications I learned after I wrote The Traveler's Gift!

Life Changing Principles that work EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

Incidentally, these Seven Decisions work every time. Think about that . . . When was the last time you had something in your hands that worked every single time?

But they always work because these aren't seven theories, or seven ideas, or seven habits . . .

These principles work every time because they are in fact principles, and principles work whether you know them or not.

You've heard,
“Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

ignorance of the
principle is no protection from the principle.

Just because you don't understand the principle of gravity doesn't mean it won't affect your life if you stumble off a cliff. And the principle of gravity was working long before the apple ever fell on Newton's head.

But once it did fall on his head he understood it and we as a society were free to harness that principle to create airline flight and suspension bridges and any number of things that gravity holds sway over.

So the principles of personal success—the principles of parenting, of relationships or financial success, and the principles of leadership—are, in a way, like the principle of gravity, they're floating around out there, so why shouldn't we learn them and harness them to create a future of our choosing.

David Ponder is YOU. David Ponder is all of us.

And the undeniable reality is that the story of David Ponder is not just a story. David Ponder, in The Traveler's Gift, is every man. David Ponder is every woman, and the seven principles that he began to sow in his life are real. The Seven Decisions will work for you. In Mastering the Seven Decisions, together we'll make that happen.

To make that journey to success your own, I've expanded on these Seven Decisions that determine personal success. Remember: I've learned more about these seven principles since The Traveler's Gift was published, than I knew before I wrote that book.

That's why, in fact, I wrote this book—to get this new information to you.

More about Mastering The Seven Decisions . . .

But I know that just explaining the principles isn't enough. Twenty-five years of research and studying biographies of these successful men and women has shown me that it's just not the knowledge of these principles, but the actions based on these principles, that determine lasting success.

So, I've included some specifically engineered exercises that will guide and even compel you to take action in your own life.

You'll also meet some of my friends; some remarkable people with whom I've had the honor of spending time, and you'll learn how their journeys to success were paved with these same principles. I have included personal letters of theirs in the book to accompany each principle.

The tools are all in place:

Mastering the Seven Decisions

These decisions will affect every area of your life; parenting, relationships, your emotional well-being, your career and your financial achievement.

Begin incorporating these Seven Decisions today and prepare to embark upon a life-defining journey.

Andy Andrews

Take this powerful step toward lasting success.

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