What to Do When Something Is “Pretty Much Dead”

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Earlier this week, during an email correspondence with my good friend and fellow author Bonnie Latino, I asked about the status of her first book, which had done quite well since its release several months ago. Amid other subjects, she addressed that question by replying, “Unfortunately, my book is pretty much dead.” The following email […]

The Worst Rejections I Ever Received

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People often ask what it was like to receive 51 rejection letters when I was trying to get my first novel, The Traveler’s Gift, published. Well, actually writing the book was the hardest part, but the rejection stage wasn’t all that pleasant, either! Rejection is something we all experience again and again in our lives. […]

How You Helped Influence Tens of Thousands

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Last week, I sent you a post called “For the Undecided…and for Those Who Are Already Certain.” My goal was to get it in front of as many people as possible before today’s election, and I asked you to help. It’s safe to say that you stepped up, so I want to say one thing—thank […]

The Traveler’s Gift—The Lost Chapter

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We often hear tales of authors having “lost” chapters that, for some reason, just didn’t make it into the book. For years, they sit locked away in some mysterious desk drawer, gathering dust until they are finally unveiled to the public in dramatic fashion. Well, friends, today is the day I unveil the story of […]

My new eBook, no charge!

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I’m in between two busy Women of Faith weekends and am sneaking in a bit of time to send you this message for one reason—I’m excited to tell you that I’ve finished putting together a free eBook that you can start reading right away! Storms of Perfection 2 – Highlights is a selection of some […]