For Your 4th of July…a Priority

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This morning, I am thinking about a “letter to the editor” that I cut from our local newspaper on June 10, 2010.  Ten years ago, I had it framed.  It described history that should be remembered.  Today, I’m also thinking about our upcoming holiday. . . When I was growing up, the 4th of July […]

PANDEMIC—A Prayer of Perspective

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Click Here to Watch Andy Read this Prayer on YouTube. <<< Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for today and for the future being designed by this present.  We know the hardest steel is created from the hottest fire and that the most valuable diamond is a product of great pressure.  Therefore, it is not surprising […]

Good Morning Again…from Orange Beach!

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This photograph is what the sky looked like at the beach this morning.  It was about 6:15, the water was beautiful, but it was an odd sunrise. At least I’d never seen one like it. Was that a straight cloud coming out of the bigger one. Yep. What the heck? As the morning grew brighter, […]

The Answer is Probably “No.”

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Every year, about this time, I field a handful of inquiries from a head football coach or his staff. Often, someone else talked to them about me months earlier and for whatever reason at the time, no one reached out. Now, however, if the season is not going as they had hoped it might, some […]

Ten Years Later

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Yes, the official release date is June 12, but to be assured of obtaining a copy, you can pre-order here right now. “But wait,” you say, “haven’t I read this book before?” My sly, cagey answer would be, “No. No, you haven’t. At least, not this book.” Here’s the story… Eleven years ago, The Traveler’s Gift had established itself […]

Introducing: Henry Hodges Needs a Friend

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Know what I’m going to miss most when my kids are all grown up? The little things. Back when my boys were a bit younger, I loved reading to them before bedtime. We would surround ourselves with pillows and I’d let them turn the pages as I read. My favorite books were always the funny […]