Introducing: Henry Hodges Needs a Friend

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Know what I’m going to miss most when my kids are all grown up? The little things. Back when my boys were a bit younger, I loved reading to them before bedtime. We would surround ourselves with pillows and I’d let them turn the pages as I read. My favorite books were always the funny […]

Letter to the Editor

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This morning, I am looking at a “letter to the editor” that I cut from our local newspaper.  It’s been professionally framed and I’m deciding where in my office it should hang.  As I sit at my desk, looking for the perfect spot, I am thinking about our upcoming holiday. . . When I was […]

My All-Time Favorite Books

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Many readers have written in asking what my all-time favorite books are. In this video post, I name a few favorites and explain why it’s so important to read both nonfiction and fiction.     Video Notes:   My favorites are all over the map. I started getting serious about books when Jones started giving […]

The Noticer Returns Interview

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As you may know, my new book, The Noticer Returns, released this week! In anticipation of release week, my team sat me down and asked a few questions about the book. We discussed everything from common parenting mistakes to unexpected surprises you’ll find as you get further into this new tale about Jones, the Noticer. […]

What to Do When Something Is “Pretty Much Dead”

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Earlier this week, during an email correspondence with my good friend and fellow author Bonnie Latino, I asked about the status of her first book, which had done quite well since its release several months ago. Amid other subjects, she addressed that question by replying, “Unfortunately, my book is pretty much dead.” The following email […]

The Worst Rejections I Ever Received

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People often ask what it was like to receive 51 rejection letters when I was trying to get my first novel, The Traveler’s Gift, published. Well, actually writing the book was the hardest part, but the rejection stage wasn’t all that pleasant, either! Rejection is something we all experience again and again in our lives. […]

20,000 Days and Counting

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Today, I am posting the foreword I wrote for 20,000 Days and Counting, the first book my manager, Robert D. Smith, has ever written. After waiting over 30 years for him to write a book, I am so excited that, as of this week, it has finally been released. If you read one book to […]

How to Handle Rejection

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Today, I am honored to present you with a guest post by someone whom I have been trying to convince to write for over three decades—my manager, my mentor, my friend…Robert D. Smith. Enjoy! – Andy Andrews Is there something you’ve been putting off doing in your professional or personal life? I’m talking about that […]

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