A Campfire with Sugarcane Jane

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This week, Andy has one of his favorite music duos, Sugarcane Jane, in the studio to talk about touring, meeting each other, and of course… to play several songs. Tune in to hear Anthony and Savana share about their writing process, as Andy prompts Anthony to tell stories about touring, Neil Young, and Paul McCartney. […]

In the Studio with Scott Dawson

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This week, Andy has long time friend, Scott Dawson, in the studio, and they cover a lot of conversational bases—friends, faith, work, life, booking entertainment… Tune in to hear Scott tell the story of getting a phone call from Kanye West, and how he came to headline Scott’s “Strength to Stand” student conference. If you […]

The Path to Prosperity

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This week, Andy talks about creating value for others and why caring for others will strengthen that action for everyone. Take this time to explore new ideas and ways of doing things. People will learn to prosper during this time… Why not YOU?  Tune in to hear how imagination, practice, and persistence will lead to a destination better […]

Over-Giving in Relationships?

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This week, Andy answers a question from someone who considers herself a “fixer” and tends to over-give in relationships. She wants to know how to let go of the expected results from helping people and how to influence them in a positive way.  Tune in to hear Andy’s thoughts on why you cannot force results on another […]

My Favorite Fisherman

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When Adam Andrews was born, the attending nurse said, “This boy’s got him some big hands. My people say that means he gon’ be a preacher!” That was sixteen years ago. Adam still has big hands. Huge, in fact. Offer him a shake of your hand sometime and see for yourself. And while he enjoys church at the […]

About Those Hurricanes of Last Summer…

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Merry Christmas from Orange Beach, Alabama Last night, with Christmas only a few days away, my wife, Polly, and I found ourselves explaining to our sons (now 18 and 15) what people in Houston, South Florida, and Puerto Rico are actually experiencing. They were shocked and a bit skeptical. “This is happening right now?” they […]