Over-Giving in Relationships?

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This week, Andy answers a question from someone who considers herself a “fixer” and tends to over-give in relationships. She wants to know how to let go of the expected results from helping people and how to influence them in a positive way.  Tune in to hear Andy’s thoughts on why you cannot force results on another […]

My Favorite Fisherman

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When Adam Andrews was born, the attending nurse said, “This boy’s got him some big hands. My people say that means he gon’ be a preacher!” That was sixteen years ago. Adam still has big hands. Huge, in fact. Offer him a shake of your hand sometime and see for yourself. And while he enjoys church at the […]

About Those Hurricanes of Last Summer…

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Merry Christmas from Orange Beach, Alabama Last night, with Christmas only a few days away, my wife, Polly, and I found ourselves explaining to our sons (now 18 and 15) what people in Houston, South Florida, and Puerto Rico are actually experiencing. They were shocked and a bit skeptical. “This is happening right now?” they […]