My Olympic Suggestions

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Several weeks ago, I realized that for the first time in my life, I was not interested in the upcoming Olympic games. Having always been a huge fan, I wasn’t sure if my indifference was due to the “China” factor or the realization that my short-term goals do not include stopping to watch television for […]

Please Brett … Don’t

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I remember the day last spring when Brett Favre retired. My eight year old heard it first and came to tell me. Two days later, we watched his press conference together on ESPN and then carefully saved the following week’s Sports Illustrated with Brett on the cover, crying. We are not so much Green Bay […]

26 Curious Questions for Andy

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Ever wondered what Andy’s favorite color is? Or how about his favorite food? In this tell-all interview, we ask Andy some rather curious, not-so-normal questions. 1) Favorite color? Red 2) Favorite number? 22 … My birthday is on a 22 and 22 was the number of my favorite football player from my childhood … Johnny […]