Is Your Sweater Too Small?

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It was a struggle. Adam, my 10-year-old son, was twisting, pulling, and pushing without making much progress. I watched from his bedroom door, trying to determine whether it was time for me to intervene or not. After it became absolutely clear that he was not giving up, I stifled my laughter and finally spoke. “Adam,” […]

Actions Speak Louder Than Feelings

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Several weeks ago, I was driving my sons, Austin and Adam, to school when I noticed that they were acting a little bit whiny. I quickly devised a way to demonstrate a little perspective and turn things around before we got to school. “Guys,” I said, “Very quickly, look around and tell me everything you […]

Confused? Me Too

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It was Sunday afternoon, and there were a lot of things I wanted to do before the new week started. Household chores needed to be done, errands needed to be run, and I also needed to do some editing on a manuscript. But none of those things got completed. Why? Well, it all started with […]

The Perfect, “Ordinary” Life

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They had a great life. He was a minister of music at a church in a small Alabama town. She was his wife, and the mother of their son and daughter. They loved each other very much. Though their income was modest, they didn’t want for much, and they lived within their means. During the […]

A Dozen Ways to Create Memorable Moments with Your Family

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With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner (can you believe they’re almost already here?), I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about special family things we can do for the holidays this year. Sometime the other day, however, I realized something—Polly, the boys, and I were all already at home together…why not think […]

The Power of Truth with Love

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“You are so judgmental,” she said to him. I was standing at B-17 in Atlanta, about to board my flight to a speaking engagement and could not help but overhear the conversation between the couple in line behind me. “I am not judgmental,” he responded.  “I am not like that anymore.  I am simply telling […]