The Source of True Happiness

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Stop for a moment and think of the happiest people you know. Picture their faces in your mind’s eye. They’re probably smiling, laughing, or cheerfully greeting you. They’re those people who always seem to be happy—no matter what! What’s their secret? Were they born that way? Is something wrong with them? Do they just have […]

Why You Can’t Believe Everything You Think

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In this video blog, I further explain Jones’ curious advice from The Noticer Returns: “You can’t always believe everything you think.” If you want to learn how to expand your thinking and constantly come up with new ideas and solutions, watch it now!     Video Notes: Have you ever been so sure that you […]

A Good Man Doing “Something”

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“All that is necessary for evil to prosper is that good men do nothing.” That is a paraphrase of the famous quote by Edmund Burke. Knowing this proverb to be true in any form, however, why don’t more of us step forward, raise our voices, and make the difference that is so desperately needed in […]

How to Change Our Society’s Culture

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Have you ever wondered whether it’s possible to actually change the culture in which we live? On Tuesday, Andy appeared on TheBlaze TV and discussed this very issue, and the solution, with Glenn Beck. To read about it and watch the video, simply click below! Watch and Read Now! Instead of commenting here, we’d love […]