How to Make Tough Decisions: A Process That Works…Featuring 3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself

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Decision-Making Process

Decisions—they sound simple until you’re faced with a crucial one. Then, you remember that making them is one of the toughest things about life. You can feel the pressure building with each passing second. What if I choose the wrong thing? What if my decision hurts someone? Every single person has struggled with this conundrum—myself […]

How to Quit a Job with Grace

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How to Quit a Job with Grace

When someone asks, “What do you do?” how do almost all of us respond? I’m an accountant. I’m a teacher. I’m a salesman. Jobs are a large part of how we define who we are. They make up the chapters of our lives, alongside major life events like marriage, the birth of children, the passing […]

The 7 Characteristics of an Unshakeable Entrepreneur

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Around three months ago, I started an online coaching program called Unshakeable Entrepreneur. It’s a place where I give established and aspiring business owners access to my best material, including live group coaching calls, strategy sessions (think open-floor Q&A), interviews with other successful entrepreneurs, and a community forum where they can get direct feedback from […]

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