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A New Dog!

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It has been a quiet house for the past several months since our beloved Dalmatian, Lucy, passed away. Even with a six year old boy (Adam), a nine year old boy (Austin), and three cats (Figaro, Daniel, and Angel)—you just can’t raise the roof quite as high as you can with a dog in the […]

I Loved Lucy

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She was one of twelve littermates when we chose her fifteen years ago and believe me, twelve Dalmatian puppies can seem like “a hundred and one” when they come tumbling into a room.  They were six weeks old and (remember the movie…) their spots were just beginning to appear.  The chubby female leading the pack […]

A Request for Help

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Interviews are a necessary, sometimes torturous part of what I do for a living.  Unless you have experienced it (and I know some of you have) nothing can be as mind-numbingly uncomfortable as talking about yourself.  In fact, the only thing worse than talking about yourself would be doing it repeatedly.   Some interviewers make […]

The Best Place to Eat

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Did you know there was one (very famous) fast food chain that spent more than 500 million dollars last year—in advertising alone? Think about that … FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS!! And the food isn’t even that good. Oh, I eat there sometimes. Mostly when I come to your town. Because when I am in your […]

Happy New … Legacy

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Happy New Year everyone! I decided to delay this posting until a few days after the New Year actually started in order to give us all time to “settle in”. Flush with the excitement of champagne corks popping and fireworks lighting the sky, it is a bit too easy to make resolutions based only on […]