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The Best Place to Eat

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Did you know there was one (very famous) fast food chain that spent more than 500 million dollars last year—in advertising alone? Think about that … FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS!! And the food isn’t even that good. Oh, I eat there sometimes. Mostly when I come to your town. Because when I am in your […]

Happy New … Legacy

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Happy New Year everyone! I decided to delay this posting until a few days after the New Year actually started in order to give us all time to “settle in”. Flush with the excitement of champagne corks popping and fireworks lighting the sky, it is a bit too easy to make resolutions based only on […]

A Grateful Perspective

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It’s Thanksgiving time again. Specifically, I mean “the holiday”, but I suppose a reminder of the concept is appropriate, too. This year, more than a few of us are fearful, confused, or just plain mad. Understand, please … I am not preaching here. This posting is as much for me as it is for you. […]

The Proof of Hope

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At this moment, I am alone outside, watching the sunrise over the ocean on the north shore of Oahu. A quick calculation reveals that I have personally experienced more than 18,000 dawns in my life. Of course, most of them occurred without my presence! Nonetheless, I have “gotten up and gotten started” more than 18,000 […]

Prospering In Today’s Economy

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“The times, they are a changing.” Bob Dylan wrote those words more than a half century ago, but they are at least as accurate now as they were then. “The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.” That was Bob Dylan, too, at about the same time. In today’s economy, that one is more […]

Why We Still Live Here

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After the last posting Why Do They Stay?, I anticipated hearing the question, “Why do you still live there?” And I have. The question has come from several sources since many of you link my blogs with your own or send them to your friends. In addition, quite a few newspapers printed that last one […]