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Picking Your Dream Job

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On this week’s episode, Andy talks about ways he chooses to entertain himself and why you should, too. This week’s question comes from a recently graduated college student looking for guidance on where and how to look for a job. Be sure to listen for Andy’s take on the best way to make everyone laugh […]

Yes, We DO Get Along!

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I don’t remember the airline or where the flight was headed. But I will never forget the woman seated next to me. During the course of our brief conversation, I mentioned that my family lives in Orange Beach, Alabama. Her eyebrows furrowed as she received that fairly innocuous information. Without hesitation, however, she said, “I […]

My Favorite Fisherman

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When Adam Andrews was born, the attending nurse said, “This boy’s got him some big hands. My people say that means he gon’ be a preacher!” That was sixteen years ago. Adam still has big hands. Huge, in fact. Offer him a shake of your hand sometime and see for yourself. And while he enjoys church at the […]

Ten Years Later

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Yes, the official release date is June 12, but to be assured of obtaining a copy, you can pre-order here right now. “But wait,” you say, “haven’t I read this book before?” My sly, cagey answer would be, “No. No, you haven’t. At least, not this book.” Here’s the story… Eleven years ago, The Traveler’s Gift had established itself […]