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Behind the Audiobook Scenes with Gabe Wicks

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This week, Andy hosts Gabe Wicks in the studio to provide insight into the world of producing Audio Books—a profession most people have never even thought about. Gabe oversees between four and five-hundred audiobook productions each year and fresh from recording the audio version of Just Jones with Andy, the two discuss the business of audiobooks and their history together. Tune […]

Key Traits of Top Business Leaders with John Murphy

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This week, Andy’s guest is leadership coach John Murphy.  From his home in the south of France, John talks effective leadership, emotional intelligence, behavior, and more. Tune in to hear John’s top three traits of effective business leaders and learn to grow your business to unthinkable heights! You can find more about John at his website—plus […]

For Your 4th of July…a Priority

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This morning, I am thinking about a “letter to the editor” that I cut from our local newspaper on June 10, 2010.  Ten years ago, I had it framed.  It described history that should be remembered.  Today, I’m also thinking about our upcoming holiday. . . When I was growing up, the 4th of July […]