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Do You Want to Stay Alive?

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This week, Andy speaks very directly to a man who has struggled with weight for most of his life. He has a severely disabled daughter. This father is now desperate to correct his self-defeating behaviors in order that he might stay alive and be physically able to care for his child. Andy also offers advice […]

Finding Your Purpose

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This week, Andy answers two different questions from two different people…and curiously, the same answer applies to both. Andy also answers a question from a mother who’s wondering where the balance is between pushing your kids and overwhelming them. Tune in to hear the “game” Andy played with his sons to help them understand why […]

Easing the Heart Through a Breakup

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In this week’s episode, Andy answers a question from mother whose daughter just suffered her first heartbreak. She wants to know if Andy has any tips on how to guide and ease her through this painful situation. You’ve heard the phrase time heals all wounds—well tune in to hear why time curiously wounds all heals, too.  […]