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Why It’s Good to Occasionally Overpay

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I’m curious… How long has it been since you “made somebody’s day” with a word or deed having no expectation or thought of personal reward for the action? As a society, it would be nice if we could encourage everyone. Obviously, whether we consider the concept unrealistic or even unimportant, it isn’t happening, is it? […]

Are Your Friends Moving You Forward?

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In this video blog, I answer a reader question: How does someone start over after a divorce? – See more at:  Notes:   You become the people with whom you spend time. Your mom told you this years ago, but it’s still true for adults. What is a true friend? Many people say, “A […]

How To Create Your Own Bucket List

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If you’ve seen the movie, it probably left you (too) wondering; exactly just how satisfied or happy are you about the things you’ve accomplished in your life? What else would you like to do? What are your biggest dreams and desires and how far off are you from reaching them?   There’s Always Time   […]