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What to Do When Something Is “Pretty Much Dead”

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Earlier this week, during an email correspondence with my good friend and fellow author Bonnie Latino, I asked about the status of her first book, which had done quite well since its release several months ago. Amid other subjects, she addressed that question by replying, “Unfortunately, my book is pretty much dead.” The following email […]

Andy’s Advice for Single Parents

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In today’s video blog, Andy answers a reader question: What is your parenting advice for single parents? How do you replace a mother or father figure in a child’s life? You can’t 100% replace the presence of another person, but there are proactive things you can do. When Andy’s parents died, he and his 14-year-old […]

Podcast Episode 88: Chef Andy

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by Andy Traub.  On this week’s episode, Andy discusses his passion for cooking and the steps to make his most famous dish.   When did Andy start cooking? He started with breakfast foods at an early age, moving from toast to eggs and bacon.   Was Polly skeptical […]

Who Gets the “Best” of You?

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 “Don’t talk to me early in the morning! I have always been this way. This is just the way I am.”  Have you ever heard something to this effect? Perhaps these words came from your own mouth… If you’ve said this, I can only assume that you believe it to be true…that this really is […]