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How Will You Spend Saturday Afternoon?

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Saturdays mean different things to different people. For most—not all, but most—Saturday is a day off from work. You might spend the day running some errands, working around the house, doing family activities, etc. It’s a day to catch up on life. But what if it could be a day not just for catching up, […]

Is It Ever Too Late?

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In this video blog, Andy answers a reader question: “What do you say to people over 55 that have lost their jobs and feel like their life is over? David Ponder was 47. My wonderful husband is 57… Is it ever too late?” Notes: If you think your best days are behind you, nothing could […]

Is Your Sweater Too Small?

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It was a struggle. Adam, my 10-year-old son, was twisting, pulling, and pushing without making much progress. I watched from his bedroom door, trying to determine whether it was time for me to intervene or not. After it became absolutely clear that he was not giving up, I stifled my laughter and finally spoke. “Adam,” […]