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Why I Stopped Reading the News

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My definition of FEAR is: The misuse of one’s creative imagination.  We all know what fear does to a person’s relationships, finances, and everyday quality of life.  Why then, do I sense the national media has latched on to the very same definition, but are harnessing “the misuse of creative imagination” as a tool to […]

Andy on the Radio in YOUR Hometown!

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Andy will be hitting the airwaves again in cities all over the country on Monday, April 18th, in support of The Final Summit. Check out the list of stations below and tune in to ask Andy questions when he comes on your local radio station.  * Denotes LIVE. All times in Eastern Time. Market Station […]

Book review: ‘The Final Summit’ by Andy Andrews

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By Bonnie Latino, this review originally appeared on Sunday, April 10 in the Living Arts Book Page, Mobile Press-Register.   Orange Beach resident and best-selling author Andy Andrews is best known for wrapping self-help narrative around astonishing and often virtually unknown historical facts. The premise of his latest book, “The Final Summit,” is startlingly familiar […]

The Winning Facebook Question

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Hey, everyone! We recently did a contest on my Facebook page where we asked everyone to submit a question they would like David Ponder (the main character from The Final Summit and The Traveler’s Gift) to answer. The winner received a free personalized copy of my new book, The Final Summit, before its official release. […]

More Information on The Final Summit

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Hi Everyone! We wanted to personally reach out to you about last week’s announcement of the release of Andy’s new book, The Final Summit, and the promotional easels we are making available for FREE to all! Read the information below and find out how you can join us in an effort to spread the news […]

How Self Help Books Actually Helps

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Self-help books, basing on the name itself, provide help for you personally. It is easy to conclude that there are many advantages in reading self help books. For one, getting great information and insights is possible in a very affordable price. Some of the information you can get are from the most amazing minds of […]