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The Second Half Is About To Begin!

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        Thank God for the second half!     Have you ever had that thought?  Has your team ever performed below expectations in the first half, only to seem like a different group altogether in the second half?  Well, in a way, they were a different group.  The team that takes the field […]

What Was Your Favorite Christmas?

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What was your favorite Christmas?  Perhaps favorite isn’t the best word.  How about . . . memorable?  I have several favorites.  The year I got a raccoon was one of them for several different reasons.  It ranks right up there with all the Christmas days at my grandparent’s house.  Those were the best!  But the most […]

Giving Thanks On Thanksgiving

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I have always looked forward to Thanksgiving.  Christmas is still my favorite, but I am fiercely protective of Thanksgiving.    I’m just sayin’ . . .  Personally, I don’t allow myself to look at store displays or listen to radio stations that seem determined to trample Thanksgiving and Halloween in their frantic push to get […]

The Butterfly Effect

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No project I have ever done in my life has affected me so profoundly as the research I did a few years ago on The Butterfly Effect.  Working with the United States Air Force at the time, I was charged with finding “proof of the value of an individual life”.  At that time, the military […]

Engineering At Its Best

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The IEEE or The Institute of Electrical And Electronics Engineers is an important part of the Carleton University. It plays a crucial role in all engineering-related aspects.   The Carleton University Student Branch   The special Carleton University Student Branch has been especially designed to cater to the needs of students looking to improve their […]

Want To Hear A Halloween Tale?

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        Several weeks ago, Polly, the boys, and I gathered with some friends for a good, old fashioned family time.  As everyone arrived, the adults talked while the children, excited to see each other in a setting other than school, ran back and forth from the living room to the playroom to […]

Entertain Your Family and Friends

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  Years ago, I became convinced that the best writers in the world have not yet been published.  I am certain that the best singers are not in New York or Las Vegas or on your radio.  They are most likely in a local band down the street from you or in your church choir!  […]