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The Second Half Is About To Begin!

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        Thank God for the second half!     Have you ever had that thought?  Has your team ever performed below expectations in the first half, only to seem like a different group altogether in the second half?  Well, in a way, they were a different group.  The team that takes the field […]

What Was Your Favorite Christmas?

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What was your favorite Christmas?  Perhaps favorite isn’t the best word.  How about . . . memorable?  I have several favorites.  The year I got a raccoon was one of them for several different reasons.  It ranks right up there with all the Christmas days at my grandparent’s house.  Those were the best!  But the most […]

Giving Thanks On Thanksgiving

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I have always looked forward to Thanksgiving.  Christmas is still my favorite, but I am fiercely protective of Thanksgiving.    I’m just sayin’ . . .  Personally, I don’t allow myself to look at store displays or listen to radio stations that seem determined to trample Thanksgiving and Halloween in their frantic push to get […]

The Butterfly Effect

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No project I have ever done in my life has affected me so profoundly as the research I did a few years ago on The Butterfly Effect.  Working with the United States Air Force at the time, I was charged with finding “proof of the value of an individual life”.  At that time, the military […]

Engineering At Its Best

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The IEEE or The Institute of Electrical And Electronics Engineers is an important part of the Carleton University. It plays a crucial role in all engineering-related aspects.   The Carleton University Student Branch   The special Carleton University Student Branch has been especially designed to cater to the needs of students looking to improve their […]

Want To Hear A Halloween Tale?

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        Several weeks ago, Polly, the boys, and I gathered with some friends for a good, old fashioned family time.  As everyone arrived, the adults talked while the children, excited to see each other in a setting other than school, ran back and forth from the living room to the playroom to […]

Entertain Your Family and Friends

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  Years ago, I became convinced that the best writers in the world have not yet been published.  I am certain that the best singers are not in New York or Las Vegas or on your radio.  They are most likely in a local band down the street from you or in your church choir!  […]

What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You!

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Last week, two people drowned on Perdido Key.   Our house is not on the beach, but we do live near it and every time something tragic happens in or around our coastal community, the news spreads quickly.  Unfortunately, drownings are a fairly common occurrence anywhere tourists and saltwater meet.  In fact, on the same […]

Like To Laugh?

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It was soon after The Traveler’s Gift was released that I began hearing what I now consider to be my most asked question . . . As the book took on a life of it’s own, “the question” seemed to do the same.  Through the publication of subsequent books, DVD’s, and CD packages, “the question” […]

What Do I Do Now?

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After my last posting entitled “Here We Go …”, I have enjoyed reading your comments on the blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook. I have also talked to quite a few of you in person.  It has been interesting to note that as excited as we all seem to be, there is one question that […]

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