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A Grateful Perspective

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It’s Thanksgiving time again. Specifically, I mean “the holiday”, but I suppose a reminder of the concept is appropriate, too. This year, more than a few of us are fearful, confused, or just plain mad. Understand, please … I am not preaching here. This posting is as much for me as it is for you. […]

The Proof of Hope

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At this moment, I am alone outside, watching the sunrise over the ocean on the north shore of Oahu. A quick calculation reveals that I have personally experienced more than 18,000 dawns in my life. Of course, most of them occurred without my presence! Nonetheless, I have “gotten up and gotten started” more than 18,000 […]

Prospering In Today’s Economy

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“The times, they are a changing.” Bob Dylan wrote those words more than a half century ago, but they are at least as accurate now as they were then. “The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.” That was Bob Dylan, too, at about the same time. In today’s economy, that one is more […]

Why We Still Live Here

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After the last posting Why Do They Stay?, I anticipated hearing the question, “Why do you still live there?” And I have. The question has come from several sources since many of you link my blogs with your own or send them to your friends. In addition, quite a few newspapers printed that last one […]

Why Do They Stay?

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Last week, as it barreled toward the Texas coast, Hurricane Ike passed 400 miles from our home in Orange Beach, Alabama. Located right on the Florida/Alabama line, our town saw docks and parking lots underwater as ten and twelve-foot waves broke onto our beaches. Pushed by fifty mile per hour wind gusts, the water flooded […]

Goodbye, Mr. Foster

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I met him at least eight years ago—maybe ten—on Concourse A at the Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport. He wore black pants and a white shirt with a black tie and bib apron. “Let me carry that for you, young man,” he said, noticing the balancing act I was performing with my luggage and the tray […]

My Olympic Suggestions

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Several weeks ago, I realized that for the first time in my life, I was not interested in the upcoming Olympic games. Having always been a huge fan, I wasn’t sure if my indifference was due to the “China” factor or the realization that my short-term goals do not include stopping to watch television for […]

The Worst Day of the Year

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I will warn you now. This particular posting is not for children … There. That got your attention, didn’t it? Well, here goes … Remember the Fifth Decision, Today I Will Choose To Be Happy? I must confess that “today” … I am not! Here on the gulf coast, it is the first day of […]

To Err is Human …

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He was a CEO—a leader of thousands. I had seen him on television and read about him in magazines and newspapers. I had only met the man an hour before, but now, I watched as he laid his head on his desk and cried. His stockholders had turned their backs, the corporation’s Board of Directors […]

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