Podcast Episode 126: 5 Important Writing Lessons for Any New Writer

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In the Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy

On this week’s episode, I answer a listener question:
“What should a new writer focus on the most?”


The one most important thing to focus on is writing.

  • You would not believe how many people I talk to who are “waiting to be inspired.”
  • Their short answer is, “No, I am not writing.”
  • Only the process of doing it gets it done.


I hear terribly incomplete advice given to writers.

  • Write what you’re interested in, but keep seeking more information.
  • It will get you excited when you find what you don’t know.
  • You have to think it terms of, “What do other people want to learn?”
  • How will this help others?


Two things I ask myself before any project

  • Is anybody else doing this?
  • Will this help people who are hurting?


There are several things in common with the books I really enjoy.

  • Stories—They all started “in the action” and I didn’t really know what was happening.
  • Reveals—That’s who that is! Or thats what’s happening!


So what are the three most important focuses for a young writer? I’ll give you five.

  1. Read
  2. Write Regularly
  3. Write Regardless
  4. Reach Others
  5. Be Relentless


Don’t Give Up—the best book is stuck in somebody’s drawer.

Now, with Amazon and everything, self-published books are much more viable. You don’t have to sell out of the back of your trunk anymore.


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  • http://brucercross.com/ Bruce R. Cross

    A little late in listening to this podcast, but perfect timing when I did. Thanks for the great content. It lifted me today especially the Horsing around between the two of you…
    BTW, cannot wait to get my copy of the Baseball book (ordered 2 / get 2 yesteray)!! Based on a recent post I wrote


    that had some vulnerability, I am sure the book is going to bring back to mind some of the fondest times of my life. Will be passing the other copies to my 3 sons-in-law!
    Incidentally, I live very close to Williamsport PA…..if you are ever in the neighborhood we can play Motel 6 and leave the lights on for you! :)