Podcast Episode 121: A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Writing Process

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by David Loy.

On this week’s episode, I discuss my creative process for writing even in the midst of rejection.   


The greatest book ever written is in somebody’s drawer somewhere.

  • They put it out there, it got turned down a few times, and they decided to put it away.
  • Gone With the Wind was rejected 34 times.


Part of my creative process is to do battle with myself quickly.

  • I try not to let wondering if something is working drag me downhill.
  • Publishers told me The Traveler’s Gift did not have a desirable plot and that writing good books takes effort and talent.
  • After 51 rejections from professionals, the book has been successful for over 10 years.


You can either take their word and live according to their opinion, or you can reject it and look for people who are wiser in the area where you are heading.

  • For most successful writers, it takes a great deal of work and almost a formula to help with the writing process.
  • I’m not fired up the whole time that I’m working on a book.
  • It is a very slow process for me. 


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  • Lesa

    Andy, this was a GREAT podcast. I needed to hear not only your journey in the writing process but the stories of others and their challenges to overcome. I write, but I do it when something specific hits me and feel it’s a message to get out there to make a difference in the lives of others. I don’t enjoy the actual “writing” and I’ve self published each of them feeling too overwhelmed to write a book proposal and getting it to a publisher, argggh! I absolutely LOVE your books and own each of them. Thank you for persevering as I always am one who excitedly anticipates the next one. I am blessed with your gift.

  • Barbara Barrett

    Andy, just listen to the In The Loop podcast 121:A and I want to thank you for your wise words again. You are my favorite author and I have read all your books. Some more than once. I have been told I should write a book many times and I have always wanted to do so. I have finally taken the “big” step and begun. I can’t really decide if the process is more gratifying as much as re-reading what I have written so far. Not that I think my work is that great but actually seeing and reading what I have written seems to be so “liberating” for me in this point of time in my life. Don’t know if I will get it published in some way or the other, but that decision is down the road for me. It just is things I would want to tell other people about my journey with my daughter Lena Rae, who was diagnosed to have an intellectual disability. I truly believe this was God’s purpose for my life to be her mother and I haven’t finished his work for me yet. Thanks for being YOU!

  • http://sparkvoice.wordpress.com/ DS

    Struggled with how to write this. As one of those “I’m going to write a book” people yet to write a book, I find your story inspirational. I appreciate hearing your and Robert’s perspective on getting your books published.

    Thanks for telling it like it is, and encouraging people to take action and be prepared for countless “no’s”.

  • http://brucercross.com/ Bruce R. Cross

    Andy – I really apprreciate the seeds of CAN DO that you conveyed and deposited during the podcast. Although I am reasonably new to your writing (I read lots of stuff and don’t know how I missed you to date???) and you have come into my world at the PERFECT time.
    Simply enjoyed the TG, The N, and The NR as I read each since JAN 1. The encouragement of simply MOVE FORWARD DESPITE WHAT OTHERS might say are fuel in the engine…thank you…Bruce

  • Bill Williams

    Andy, these words are so inspirational to me right now in my life. I have been working on my first book for over three years now, and I have been contacting various agents to represent me. So far, I have received only one response from an agent, and at that he runs a self-publishing agency on the side. I have researched various companies and found that the rates are far more than I can afford. And I’ve also found out that publishers will not look at a book from a first-time writer without agency representation. I want to know more about how you did it. How did you break through?
    I have also encountered resistance within my own house, with my wife telling me, “You’ll never make it as a writer!” But I am not deterred. I have made it this far and believe it will come to pass. I am trusting God with it completely.