Podcast Episode 110: A Guide to Thanksgiving and Gratefulness

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by The Robert D.


On this week’s episode, I talk about this year’s Thanksgiving, what it was like in my childhood, and whom I would spend it with if I could reach back through history.


Thanksgiving is awesome.

  • My family always gets together for a HUGE production. 
  • Everyone cooking gets chef hats and shirts.
  • This is the first year that our friends, the Bakkens, are having an official Thanksgiving as Americans (they’re from Canada).


What was Thanksgiving like when I was young?

  • Most times we would go to Jackson, AL, to have dinner with our grandparents.
  • I would hunt squirrels with my pellet gun.


How does perspective relate to the spirit of gratefulness?

  • Perspective brings about gratefulness.
  • Every year we see things telling us to not just be thankful on one day, but to be thankful all year.
  • Anytime we forget that we have a roof over our heads, food on the table, and water to drink, we need to remember that billions of people are without any of these things.


Who is one person from history that I would have Thanksgiving dinner with?

  • It would be Abraham Lincoln.
  • A lot of people don’t know the story of Lincoln and his part in Thanksgiving.
  • In October of 1863, Lincoln established this holiday with a proclamation.


Our family has a military tradition that we honor during special holiday meals.

  • We set an empty place at the table to remember those who are serving overseas and will not be home for dinner.


Just a reminder, this is the biggest shopping weekend of the year. We have specials on AndyAndrews.com and you will be showing a lot of gratitude when you see what we’ve done.  :-)


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  • Shelley Hess

    Hey Andy and Robert! Happy, Blessed Thanks Giving to you both, AND your loved ones!!!

    Thanks for this awesome message!

    It’s two days after Thanksgiving for us, and as I listen I reflect on the day, how special it was to us all who were gathered, and how I want to IMMEDIATELY begin your tradition of the place setting ‘unattended’ at our table. WOW! That hit home, Andy!!

    Though we’re Canadians, for the past several years we’re Stateside for American Thanksgiving, spending a few months ‘doing things’ to make a positive difference in others lives.

    A few of those ‘others’ were gathered around our dinner table on Thanksgiving. Silently, we reflected on how very, very thankful we are to have the PRIVILEGE of being able to be used by God to make their lives brighter!!!

    Thank you for sharing about Mexico City. It’s ALL about perspective, as you so succinctly put it, again today.

    THANKS again, guys, for ALL YOU DO to make my family’s lives so very, very much better, ALL THE TIME!!!!!

  • Pam Carroll Smith

    Hello Andy, We also spend some holiday time in Jackson, AL. I believe on some of your trips to Jackson as young boy, you played with Perry Smith (my husband). I have been hearing about you for years ( even before reading your books, and following your blog.) You are an amazing author! (even my students love your books.) Thank your for sharing your gift of writing with us. Happy Holidays!
    Pam Smith

  • LeeAnn1227

    Hi Andy! I’m so glad I’ve found your books recently and your blog. A month ago, while in Barnes and Noble, I picked up your book the Butterfly Effect and read it while there, then bought it for my husband. Since then, my husband and I are listening to your book, The Noticer, on CD while in the car. We are getting blessed and blessed and encouraged while listening to you tell your story and how JONES taught you about perspective! Next on my list to purchase will be The Traveler’s Gift. I love the way you write…as if you are right beside me talking to me. What an awesome gift God has given you Andy. I haven’t seen my husband get inspired in a long time like he has since we listened to your book, The Noticer together along with the Butterfly Effect book. Thank you for spreading so much HOPE and sharing your journey of perspective and victory. We are thankful for YOU.

  • John

    I know I’m a little late to the party but I recently finished “The Noticer Returns” I immidiately took down a few of the books that I had been advertising on my site (www.lifewisefuture.com) and put up both noticers. Awesome book and thanks for the inspration!

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