Podcast Episode 109: The Power to Be Different

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by The Robert D.


On this week’s episode, I give you a sneak-peek at the first 20 minutes of my classic presentation Not Normal: The Power to Be Different.


When I was a little kid I knew I was not normal. I was the kid thinking up all the weird questions:

  • How can you poke your eye out? Wouldn’t you poke it in?
  • Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?
  • How do they get the chickens to sit so close together?


I was not the class clown. I was the guy who talked the class clown into the doing the things they did.


I wanted to be veterinarian and a taxidermist (so either way you’d get the dog back), but I was always told I’d be a comedian.


If you liked what you heard today, you can find the full presentation on my DVD, Not Normal: The Power to Be Different, available here.


Questions for Listeners


  • Do you have a question? Call in and your question might be featured on the show!


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  • Lori Lynn Douglass

    That was hilarious! I loved the field sobriety test!

  • Toni Schumacher

    I have seen Andy do this live plus I have the DVD. The best laughs I’ve ever had. Thanks for making me laugh again. This never gets old.

  • http://www.skipprichard.com/ Skip Prichard

    Love this! When I need to laugh, I will listen again!

  • http://storiesmadepowerful.com/ Arlen Miller


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