Podcast Episode 105: An Exclusive Excerpt from The Noticer Returns

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by The Robert D.


On this week’s episode, I read several pages from my newest book, The Noticer Returns.


The Noticer Returns was released five days ago, and I am getting so many great comments on four major portions of the book and the story.


I wanted to pick a part to read that lets people know what’s happening, but not the very first chapter.

  • I’m going to start in the middle of chapter three.
  • This is the point when I find Jones—better yet, when he finds me.


You can order or download the book, Kindle edition, and audio book on Amazon.com today.


Questions for Listeners


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  • dr Frank

    Andy, I have been a fan of yours for years and read everything you wrote, recommending your work constantly. Immediately I pre-ordered the Noticer Returns and waited with great anticipation. At first I thought – hmmm, where is this book going but knew in my heart that I needed to stick with the book. Wow! is this a parenting book? Is it a book about finding your life’s purpose? Is it a self-help book? It is all of them combined and no doubt book stores will find it challenging where to put your book. It is a tremendous book and you exceeded my expectations for it. Personally, it seems as if it is a best ‘of’ type book. There are so many great quotable statements and stories that this can be turned into a workbook series for teaching life’s lessons.

    • http://www.andyandrews.com/ Andy Andrews

      Thanks, Dr. Frank! I’ve been giving bookstores a challenge for years when it comes to figuring out what shelf to use. Ha!

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