Podcast Episode 104: The Truth About Our Culture

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In The Loop with Andy Andrews, hosted by The Robert D.

On this week’s episode, I talk about how culture is created in our families, businesses, and society and how we can change it.


Everybody who wants a culture already has one.

  • Families
  • Teams
  • Companies


Most people believe that a culture is created by choices and decisions. 

  • Our society has defaulted to saying, “make good choices.”
  • If people don’t know how to make good choices, or what constitutes a good choice, that’s like saying, “Flip a coin.”


What is really under the choices we make is our thinking. Every choice you make is determined by your thinking. 

  • How you think.
  • What you think.
  • When you think about it.
  • How long you think about it.
  • What you choose not to think about.


If you are ever going to change a culture, you have to understand how it was created in the first place. 

  • Thinking determines choices.
  • Choices create actions.
  • Actions yield results—good or bad.
  • Results determine reputation—collectively resulting in a culture.


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  • Shelley

    It’s Sunday evening and we’re on the road, so timing of everything changes.

    Yet this was THE perfect time to be refueled, as you have just done in sharing this wee bit of The Noticer Returns.

    We’ve already pre-ordered and just can’t wait to read it. And now we’re sure we need to download the audio version, too!!

    Thanks you two, for sharing with such a dynamic life-giving, show-stopping excitement that infuses to the very core!!!

  • John

    As a coach of 15/16 year old female athletes and a father of a 35 year old daughter, we continuously talk about leagcy and reputation. This Podcast is exactly what’s necessary in the thought process as decisions are made by our young people and adults alike as working Teams are developed. I would add one step in the process and that is to spend time thinking and assessing possible consequences BEFORE making a decision. If this step is specifically included, the decision is not made without understanding impact to the person, his/her family, Team, or whomever is involved. “I didn’t realiize…” is not a workable response when my daughter calls me from jail on a Friday night after being arrested at a party where alcohol was present with underage kids. Consequences of attending??? Never happened, but we always talked about the decision/consequence response with that analogy in mind. Thanks for all you do…

  • http://mcgreevycoaching.com/ Michael McGreevy

    Man oh man, everything seems to stem from what we think about. The decision to focus on what is good, uplifting, positive, grateful, worthwhile and hopeful changes everything!

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