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How to Design Your Life: My 3 Step Process

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How to Design Your Life

“The life I want to live feels impossible for me to reach.” I hear statements like this all the time. So many people feel stuck in life—working the same job, struggling with the same monthly budget, and dreading Monday mornings. They hear success stories about other people, but getting unstuck still feels unrealistic (especially for them). […]

How to Identify Principles Worth Living By

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Go to any website or bookstore these days and you’ll likely be bombarded with a thousand different pieces of “proven” advice for making money or unlocking your heart’s desire or living the life of your dreams. We’ve never had more resources for solving problems, and yet…it doesn’t seem like we’re getting all that better at […]

How to Make Tough Decisions: A Process That Works…Featuring 3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself

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Decision-Making Process

Decisions—they sound simple until you’re faced with a crucial one. Then, you remember that making them is one of the toughest things about life. You can feel the pressure building with each passing second. What if I choose the wrong thing? What if my decision hurts someone? Every single person has struggled with this conundrum—myself […]

What Do You Believe?

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Note: Do you have a favorite sports team? Are you a coach? Do you know one? Be sure to read to the end to receive a free gift I put together specifically for readers of this post. 🙂   If you were the head coach, what would you say to a group of young men […]

How to Maximize Your Morning

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Do you ever ask yourself how you could possibly fit everything you need to do into a single day? How about whether you’ll be able to fit all the things you want to do into the rest of your lifetime? I hear questions like these all the time. And when I do, I always point […]

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